Internet of Things (IoT)




Imagine the world at the tip of your fingers.

More objects are becoming embedded with sensors and gaining the ability to communicate. Devices, systems, infrastructures and services connecting seamlessly to provide you the data you need, when you need it. Being able to process this big data into information gives us greater efficiency and effectiveness in everything that we do.


As the new networks link data across platforms and operating environment, it generates better information and analysis, which can enhance decision making significantly. Making data the basis for automation and control, by converting data and analysis collected through the Internet of Things into instructions that feedback through a network of systems that in turn interprets it into processes.


However its challenge extents from connecting and supporting all these devices – this creates obstacle for all organizations, no matter what size. Precision is essential when both involve connecting devices and systems across platform, a machine can fail if timing is off by a millisecond. Adaptability through integration of various software and functionality to create an overall solution. When applications are built on tens of thousands of sensor nodes, it increases the threat surface when bad data is injected into the system.

Connecting to the Internet of Things.


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